2022 Figure Drawing

Todays uplaod are two, 2-minute drawings on the same page of
18" x 24" inch Strathmore white, 50 pound drawing paper.

I do rapid outlines / contour drawngs with a 1.0 mm Pilot G-2 blue plain old fountain
pen. Any finer tip than the 1.0 mm tip starts to run out of ink on an "arms length" drawng -- ie I'm
standing up, I'm holding the pen the way you would hold a steak knife (Ha!) and slash about :-).

THEN I take a 1/2 inch brstle brush, dunk the brush in the bucket water and envision the shadow
areas, hit the wet ink, and Presto! the blue ink spreads beautifully unifying the shadow areas.

Yes, both figures were singular 2-minute drawings. (So 4 minutes total for this drawing).
My scanner is 11" x 17" so I have to piece this together in Photoshop and when brightenss
and contrast are applied all the little irregularites of the scanned paper get exagerated.

I'm not going to spend an hour trying to get it all perfect. You get the idea though. I ereased
the really blatant scan shadows that were exaggerated by contrast / brightness (these
are more of the brown or tannish areas). Again, you get the idea...I hope :-)

Figure drawings

figure drawings


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