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Yes, you read right: the whole 800 plus page book with 14 or 17 (I forget) pretty darn impressive learning-aid Flash Lessons, 2000 illustrations, and everything you'll read about below. The arguably largest single source on drawing caricatures from the ground up ever written. The volume I poured seven and 1/2 years of my life writing and spent 10's of thousands of dollars producing.

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Jeff Kasbohm
[today's date: St. Patty's day, 2008;
actually posted 4/18/2008

PS - Read on! :-)

You know how some people have always wanted to learn to draw faces and caricatures - not to mention make money drawing them - but thought they needed some special gift that they didn't think they had?

What I do is teach people that not only can they learn to draw, but they can learn to draw faces and caricatures faster than they ever thought they could in a unique, nurturing, one of a kind, self-paced, combined CD-ROM and on-line program you can access for one entire year.

But it won't take a year to learn to draw. Absolutely not: by the time you finish lesson one you'll not only see instant improvement in your drawing, you'll feel it. I'm so certain, I'll guarantee your satisfaction 12 full months. Here's a few key features that are included when you sign up:..

* This is a Windows based program *

* 827-plus page three-part monster book contained in it's entirety on CD-ROM, so you'll always have a back-up copy if your hard drives goes bad, maintained and continuously updated on-line;
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xclusive password accessible site - you'll receive a one year subscription;
* Royalty-free Caricature Gallery;

* Fifteen new, unique, one of a kind "Flash" Interactive lessons
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* Electronic magazine one year subscription;
* 30 minute phone consultation; (and much more - see below)

And with a little effort, you can start earning on the order of 40, 50, 60 dollars an hour - to START - even if you've never drawn before.

"Dear Jeff, I wanted to let you know that I think your You Can Draw program is a real gift! I started it about a week ago and I'm making incredible progress. I had already enrolled in 2 other very good on-line sites with highly accomplished artists and learned quite a bit from them...

...But your step-by-step guidance and L & R methods, [left and right brain methods] and the rapid progress that I made would NEVER have happened without your program. This program should be 'mandatory' in schools that teach ART! Thanks for the gift! I don't have to look any further for Art on Line!

....Your program is something that should be made possible to as many people as possible! (P.S. the Price is ridiculously low! just my 2 cents worth!) Thanks again for everything. Joe"

Joe Byrne

Walter Mathau

Walter Mathau


Figure Drawings

Click here for Figure Drawings at the NEW 2022 upload page of the past two and 3/4 years morning figure drawing sessions.


Click here for soon to be purchaseable drawings and paintings at Daily Paintworks -- and type in "kasbohm, jeff" in the search screen.

Maude I

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Free PDF Download for students of medicine: Learning ECG interpretation by Incorporating Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain Techniques



Hi, my name is Jeff Kasbohm and I've been teaching people like you how to draw faces and caricatures from the ground up on the Internet for over 7years now - even if you've never drawn before. Whether it's just learning to draw realistically you're interested in, or you really want to dive into drawing those zany hilarious caricatures, I'm confident you can learn both...

Asking One Question

For over seven and a half years I've been working on and asking this one question: how to make the most complete, one-stop, self-contained electronic program that teaches people like you not just the basics of drawing, but how to draw caricatures and portraits.

Caricatures and portraits that can:
  • crack you up with laughter,
  • make you the life of the party,
  • influence people and political opinion,
  • make you an extra 50, 60, even 100 dollars an hour and more,
  • but most of all give you that deep satisfaction and fulfillment doing something creative and completely original can do - with you stamped all over it.

In the off-line world I've seen people learn to draw in as little as five days. Sound impossible? It's not - with your desire and the right kind of teaching it's entirely within your reach. Of that I'm sure. (The 5-day off-line program I'm referring to costs about a thousand dollars - and that's just to learn the basics of drawing from which all other kinds of realistic drawing flow. But you can learn all the same things here for literally pennies on the dollar.)

Click here to jump directly to more program info

Didn't happen over night...and after
nearly seven years, it's done

Los Angeles, 1994. A friend of mine, I'll call Brad, learned I drew caricatures. He said to me "Jeff, I've always wanted to learn how to draw those, but I can't draw and I sure as heck wouldn't know where to start. Can you teach me?" "Sure" I said.

I told him about the three main areas he'd have to concentrate on (which you'll read more about below). I told him

  • He needed to learn basic realistic drawing.
  • He needed to apply those basics to the features of the head and face. And lastly,
  • He needed to take a leap of faith - he needed to muster up that "yehaa" spirit when it came time to caricature.

We were both up for it - he wanted to learn and I wanted to teach. I wish I could tell you he's now a published artist making millions but that's not exactly the case. He got his assignments (from me of course), I gave him books - books about basic drawing techniques, anatomy, and caricatures. I showed him where to get paper, pencils, drawing supplies, how to schedule drawing sessions, etc.

Between his job, other Los Angeles distractions, his girlfriend, and my inexperience at teaching, well it wasn't a complete success. (We're still good friends though :-)

How to teach you

But it got me thinking "how could and how would I teach someone to draw faces and caricatures - even if they've never drawn before? How could I put together in one volume, a one-stop resource where everything was covered?"

It's 2004 now - almost ten years after that first less than successful teaching attempt and coming up quick on 8 years since I wrote the first page of the e-book of what's become the Caricature Drawing System. What's this caricature drawing system about? In a nutshell it's about:

  • An 800+ page 3-part, 15 lesson main volume;
  • The Artist's Loft Communiqué;
  • Royalty-free Caricatures;
  • 9+ years of archived e-magazines ;
  • 15+ Interactive, "Flash" technology
    Access to the author /artist;
  • 30 minute coaching call

Want to learn to draw faces and caricatures - but don't think you can even draw a good stick figure? If you have the desire, I think I can help you. Read on and I'll tell you all about it the complete caricature / learn-to-draw learning system.

Jeff Kasbohm
December, 2004

PS - What are the most common questions about drawing caricatures ? -You might find it very curious that people's most urgent questions about learning to draw caricatures are really about where to start drawing. Whether they realize it or not they're really asking "how do I get what artist's have?" That's where it all starts - this is the crux of it. This is where you start your career as a caricaturist...

Here's the whole "kit and kaboodle":

Introducing The
Caricature Drawing System

Even if you've never drawn before -
let's sum up your plan of attack
(back to top)

What we do is show you from start to finish the tricks and techniques artists use to get their minds in the drawing mode: into the "Artist's Mind". We show you piece by little piece in a jam packed 800+ page electronic book, with monthly e-zines, a cache of royalty-free caricatures, and your own "Cyber-Coach" (a certified "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" instructor and published caricaturist), how to draw faces and caricatures from scratch - even if you've never drawn before...

All stuffed into arguably the largest one-stop learn-to-draw and learn-to-draw-caricatures resource ever created. And we don't abandon you there. Let's break it down into it all it's parts:

"Part I Of The e-Book: What Do Artist's Have
That You Don't Think You Have - But You Actually Do)
And How Do You Get It?"

Can't Draw? Not a problem. We give you a plan of attack. You'll
Start with the very basics of drawing and learn the unique and
fastest approach to drawing we've ever seen


Learn in Part I: What do artist's have that you don't think you do?

That's simple: they've acquired the ability to leave behind their thinking, judgmental, language-driven left brains and hop instantly into their real-time, observational right brain: the Artist's Brain.

That's the fundamental thing they do that you don't think you can. That's it! That's the key to learning to draw.










"So How Can You Get What They Got?"

In Other Words, What's The Key To Drawing?
That's what we cover in Part I

Here's the answer: perception. Learning to see as an artist is about learning to get into your right brain. Anybody can learn this. In fact you already do this all the time - you're just not entirely aware of it when you do it. Not only will you learn to recognize this perceptual function - this artist function of your brain - but more importantly, you'll learn to call it up at will. And that's exactly what you'll dive into in Part I of the lessons.

How do you get into your right brain, how do you learn to call it up at will? You'll learn it by going one by one through specially designed exercises that'll ruffle and tease your rational, language-driven brain and personality to the point where it just has to throw it's hands up and say "this can't be done!". (back to top)


Subtle Magic

"Well I'm not sure that sounds so good" you might be saying. I understand you thinking that but this is exactly what you want. This is the point of entry - where subtle magic takes over. This is where your right brain can come out of hiding and strut it's stuff. And everything builds on that foundation: sneaking around that dominating, language-bound, control-obsessed left brain into abandoning the job at hand and strengthening the right brain's ability to see, hear, and feel things as they are right now. That's the whole trick of learning to draw.

"Dear Jeff... I just finished the third lesson and let me tell you something: Your drawing course is at least fantastic! I just want to tell you few thinking of my own about l and r mode. ... I didn't have a relaxed time but for sure time flew so quickly! I'm starting to understand about the shifting you are talking about (from l to r mode). Sounds to me a very impressive step forward. Thanks... And hope you will have time to see soon some of my drawings!

Best wishes,


-Manuel Lopez Michelone
México D.F (Mexico City)


Right Side of the Brain: Sounding familiar? Starting to sound familiar? Like those "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" (DRSB) techniques Dr. Betty Edwards has been teaching for almost 30 years? Well that's because that's where we start. (I'm a certified DRSB Instructor - see my diploma:

There's other approaches to learning to draw but the DRSB basics snap you into the artist's frame of mind faster than any other method I've ever seen. Dr. Edwards has gleaned the 5 basic skills of seeing as an artist. Her discoveries are documented and proven. And as a certified DRSB instructor trained in these methods you'll learn what I know: you'll learn these skills so you can jump-start all your drawing. Your drawing will take a quantum leap. There is in my opinion, no better and no faster way to learn. And we've rewritten these lessons our own way, for beginning or advanced artists and most specifically for up and coming caricaturists.


The Sweet Nectar of "Now"

The DRSB lessons can help you sidestep the frustration and get you to the sweet nectar of really being able to draw what you see. Learning to SEE is the core and learning to see like you saw things as a child reopens your world. I know you've heard that before, but it's true. It instills you with a new sense of wonder and discovery. When you learn to make that step, when you relearn how to see/hear/feel what's occurring right now then you've learned the crux - regardless of the medium - of what all artists do. And it's now within your grasp.

If I could summarize Part I (Lessons 1 - 8) of the
book in one short quip, I'd have to say

"Learn To See It, And You'll Believe It"

Here are a few of the new things you'll learn in Part I:
(back to top)

Like strengthening a muscle you'll build on that "right brain" point of entry - literally learning to control this perceptive shift in your brain. You'll go into depth learning about things like lines, edges, and contours. You'll be introduced to concepts like sighting, formats, perspective, proportion, contours, understanding the elusive picture plane, foreshortening, shadows and highlights, value and tone, crosshatching techniques, basic units, positive form and negative space.


What drawing really is

You'll apply the principles of the "vase-face" phenomenon, upside-down drawing, and contour drawings. You'll incorporate forever into your perceptive tool bag the five skills of drawing - techniques that jump-start your drawing. In a word, in Part I you'll learn how to collapse the three-dimensional world on to two-dimensional paper. And that's all drawing really is: capturing the 3-dimensional world on 2-dimensional paper.

And by design, every step boomerangs you back to that same starting point: sidestepping the rational, language-bound part of your brain and moving you further into your artistic brain. You need to get good at this - and you will.

Over three hundred pages worth. All that's packed into Part I: a total of 9 lessons - which print out at over 300 pages. Over 300 pages of illustrations, animations, in-depth explanations and six "Flash Interactive" lessons that spoon feed you each part of each lesson. (What's a Flash Interactive lesson? You'll have a chance to download a real Flash lesson below and you can see for yourself.)

What's "Flash" technology?

Flash Technology is the latest (now thoroughly proven and established), and the best interactive technology on the Internet. In fact, "Flash" is starting to take over the Internet because it's so powerful. (Again, watch below for a link to a sample - and your first, albeit advanced - caricature drawing lesson).

"I just wanted to say I really do like your lessons. I can't believe all the information I have gotten in the last couple of months for the low price. I have seen quite the improvement in my work... ...Keep up the good work!"

~Michelle Lord #:^)

But like I said above, the book has 3-parts:

1) Part I could be described as "Learn to See it and you'll believe it" -
... (we just talked about that),
2) Part II could be summed up as "Believe it and now you'll see it"
3) Part III, well that's when it 's time to "Run crazy with it" - drawing caricatures! :-)

And yes, I know, you came here to learn about caricatures...

"So What About Those Caricatures?"
In Part II: Once You Learn to Believe It, You'll See It

Getting back to your original goal - drawing faces and caricatures! Our goal as you recall, is to get you drawing faces and caricatures, right? Not to worry, we'll get there. The next step is very important :-) Stay with me just a little longer...

[General Tommy Franks / Bill Maher]

...After walking you through the basics, things start getting even more interesting - because we now start venturing into specifics that have direct bearing on your caricature or (portrait artist) career...

"Part II Of The e-Sourcebook:
Believe It And You'll See it"

Applying what you've just learned by diving
the features of the face and the fascinating
shapes of the human head (Lessons 9-14)
(back to top)

Once you've got a good feel for those introductory skills
it's time to apply them: Boot Camp time!

By the time you've gotten here, you'll have a firm feel for the foundation lessons. Now it's time to rehearse them. Why? Because we want to ensure you learn the foundation lessons so intimately you can fearlessly launch yourself into drawing any subject and draw it confidently. And that takes repetition and fluidity of employing those basic skills

And further it's my belief and my experience that to become a crack caricature or portrait artist you need a solid understanding of both the facial features and shapes of the head. And that's what this second section is all about: learning all about the features of the face and shapes of the head. And you'll learn them in detail by applying all the skills you've learned in Part I.


A depth of detail that you'll finally recognize
in every person you see and draw

And you'll be building depth in another direction too. You'll be building depth In your perception of detail. You'll internalize the salient points about each feature shared by all people. Why? So when you look at someone - anyone - you'll know what to look for, where to zoom in, where to exploit. Since you know and believe it's there you'll see it.

Let me repeat that: since you'll now know what to look for, you'll see all these things in other people. Because now you'll know these fine details, these what I'll call subtle "sub features", are really there. And when you know to look for them, you will see them. And be able to draw them.

You'll start simple and dig deeper into more and more subtle and intricate, relevant and drawable anatomy until you build an onboard library in your brain you can instantly access whenever you size up your drawing subjects . You'll know exactly what to look for. And you'll use four more Flash Lessons - each focusing on one main feature of the face. Each with highly detailed pictures, diagrams, and lots of directed exercises so you'll come away from these sections without a doubt knowing what it is you're looking for and how to call up those foundation lessons you've been building upon. After this it's time to springboard from what you've been learning...


Want to learn more? Let's get specific. Click on the button below for a preview: learning to draw the features of the face and the shapes of the head one lesson at a time:

Progress in as little as 15 minutes a day three
to four days a week: Pre-made exercises And
I'll work you! We've set up all sorts of exercises for you too. Exercises you can print out. And lot's of them too. That's the only way you'll unearth your gift: through repetition and practice. Michael Jordan wasn't born ready to play for the Chicago Bulls. He had to work at it too. But we try not to get too heavy. In fact, it's my firm belief you'll make real progress in fifteen minutes, three to five days a week. Of course, the more time you can put in, the better you'll get at it. And the faster you'll get where you want to go. We try to approach drawing in a fun, low pressure way - Why do you think we love to draw caricatures? Because It's fun!

Thank you for taking the time to read through to here. Because now it's time to go crazy: time to draw Caricatures

"Part III Of The e-Sourcebook:
The In-Depth Caricature Case Studies

The core of the lessons and time to get crazy :-)"

(back to top)

Tying-it-all-together time. You've been working hard to get here, but now you've arrived. You've got a great feel for jumping into your right brain, you know what to look for in every human face. Congratulations. Now it's time to go happily bonkers. A book in and of itself. You'll tie it all together in the last and final chapter of the lessons - Part III - Lesson 15, a book in and of itself. Everything you've learned about ears and noses, shapes of the head, all you've learned about vase-face drawing, shadows, negative space, proportion, and how to use "Mr. Average Face", to name a few - here's where you'll tighten up, shape up and polish your drawing and caricature acumen. ( To Order Now, Click Here )


You'll learn a four point system You'll learn how to answer these questions: "How do you distribute the facial features?, how do you know what to look for in any face? What to exaggerate? And that very popular question: "Where the heck do you start?" Those kinds of questions you'll have answered. You'll need practice setting down the eyes, placing them just the right distance apart - or exaggerated like mad. And answering questions like "how does the nasal philtrum blend with the apron of the upper lip?" And "where does Cupid's bow fit?" You need a system to approach the actual drawing of the caricatures. And this is where you'll get that. In Lesson 15 / Part III you'll lasso it all together.


Lesson 15 is a book within a book, where you'll learn the 4 point
approach to caricatures - time to really dive in

Printing out at over 200 pages, filled with links, references and the 4-point system to drawing portraits or caricatures, this is a book within a book. You'll find Four Flash lessons in this section alone set up to really spur your creative juices. They're a dressed rehearsal to review what you know and teach you to start stretching yourself - to start caricaturing.

Fire up your imagination

You'll get immersed, absorbed in a bath of information, instruction and rehearsal so you can duplicate for yourself exactly the steps you'll need to go through that result in hilarious caricatures. Caricatures that'll entertain you, your friends, your family, your local newspaper, your paying customers. Caricatures to illustrate and bring life to your own home-printed T-shirts, your website, your business, your office, on custom illustrated coffee mugs, glasses, mouse pads, your whole self-produced on-line merchandise store. Anywhere you can think of putting them - the sky's the limit: anywhere your imagination takes you.

So there's a System at work here -
What's the system?

  • You'll learn about the "first impression" approach,
  • You'll learn to apply the "Mr. Average Face",
  • You'll learn to recognize the vertical and horizontal landmarks in every face,
  • You'll learn to rattle off the main shapes you need to look for in every face,
  • You'll learn and see demonstrated "serial exaggeration comparisons" and
    how to draw them yourself
  • You'll incorporate and master the "feature by feature" approach
  • You'll see the head drawn using the "Miter box" approach,
  • You'll learn to grasp and create front views, side views, 3/4 views maximizing
    the three dimensions at work in every picture

You'll learn to laser in on features and landmarks in every human face that supply cues to caricature even the hardest to caricature faces. You'll even find links to great photos of each subject out there on the Internet so you can make sure we're staying on track.

The real litmus test: caricaturing the caricature. In many cases we'll even caricature the caricature. What's this do? It'll give you still more ammunition and, it'll get you cued still further into seeing if our little "theory" about caricaturing is right: does the drawing pass the test? Does our caricature look like the person we started off drawing? (back to top)
( To Order Now, Click Here )

In-Depth Case Studies
(Yep, still Part III
/ Lesson 15)

Thirty Six pages of exploration in the first case study. The first case study of Keith Richards spans 36 pages - 36 pages on nothing but how to approach drawing his face - which sets the stage for drawing any face. The second In-Depth study is over 50 pages when printed out - adding still another layer of things to look for, specific and general "approach to caricature" kinds of lessons. And this is all rehearsal for the third and final lesson...

You'll finish off Part III with over 122 pages of in-depth exploration in the third and final In-Depth study (122 pages not even counting the reference fly-out pages and anatomy explanations). You'll find links back to any pertinent sections of the book in case you need a refresher (or if you're just browsing). You'll be exposed to more subtle tricks, and to yet another level of detail to observe for.

You'll be"filled to the gills" with information that builds upon itself so you're trained to step out on your own confident that you have what it takes. You'll find yourself searching out, telescoping your new found powers of observation in search of your own "discoveries" - discoveries and knowledge that'll catapult the quality of your art work. And that's pretty darn exciting and satisfying - for me as a teacher and for you as a confident, creative caricature artist. ( To Order Now, Click Here )


I'll show you everything I know

Layer after layer of depth - and I'll use every source I know of to make these case studies make sense. I'll use simplified medical explanations, lessons I've gleaned from famous artists and caricaturists, you'll explore the in-depth anatomy if it's relevant, you'll even learn a thing or two I've learned from plastic surgeons (yes, plastic surgeons), all to keep these lessons interesting and to keep your brain stimulated. With the ammunition you'll learn combined with your desire and hard work, you'll accomplish all your drawing aspirations.


"827 Pages And Counting,
Of Lesson-Centered Information, So Much
More Than A Mere e-Book "
( To Order Now, Click Here )


You'll have a ton of reference material at your fingertips. Let's review:

  • Seven and a half years in the making (and still growing) with over 827 pages of text - you have a ton of reference material at you fingertips.
  • It's a complete freestanding, copiously interlinked, learn-to-draw and caricature reference - from the very basics of drawing up to drawing hilarious and profitable caricatures,
  • It's big because we explain things in detail, from all different perspectives, With over 1800 illustrations - fully illustrated so you won't waste your valuable time trying to figure out what things are "really saying". Things aren't just talked about, they're explained, re-explained and illustrated until there's no doubt in your mind what the lesson is talking about.
  • So you can move confidently from lesson to lesson fully internalizing the message and skill,
  • So you can maximize the amount of drawing you can learn in the minimum amount of time
  • So you can get out there and get drawing and making that extra money allowing you to make $100, 200, or much more a week doing something you love without cutting into your family time
  • 15 lessons - all the steps needed to cover all the basics of drawing, the features of the face and the shapes of the head, and stepping into the world of caricature are covered
  • A one stop reference and teaching resource you can always go back to
  • That's not even counting the fifteen Flash Interactive Lessons...over 10,000 frames of interactive pictures, explanations, text, and animations that drive home the point like no other lessons I've ever seen. All included in your purchase price.)
    ( To Order Now, Click Here )

Flash Technology
(back to top)

Fifteen "Flash Interactive" lessons. Again these are jam-packed interactive multimedia references you can instantly stop, back-up, leap forward, no tape to be rewound or get tangled. You can get to the information you want and drive it home into your brain while you're studying it, while you're inspired.

Click here for a Free Flash instruction sample and your first caricature lesson. It's about three and a third megabytes in size. (Let it be your first lesson in caricature). It was the first Flash lesson we produced - and we've gotten a lot more sophisticated since this one). One dozen Flash Lessons included. In fact we spent 7 months during 2003 refurbishing the Foundations of Drawing section of the book with six new Flash Lessons. These "Flash" exercises help you really burn the lesson home.

Also included: an armament of instructional animations - based on the old "Banner" technology. Nearly all the lessons start with animations that summarize each lesson - a simple and brief overview. These will prime you for the whole lesson ahead so you'll have a clear, focused idea of the outcome you're shooting for in that lesson. Click on this next button for a mini-sample:

Combined with the Flash lessons, the animations, and the e-zines (see below) - you'll get a CAT-scan like understanding: you'll approach the lessons from all different angles, so you get that sweet "AHA! Now I get it!" level of understanding.

That's a one, two, three point-plus punch so you'll really learn this stuff, so you can leap into drawing way beyond any level you've ever drawn before. We want to get you drawing confidently, with supreme satisfaction, admired, envied by those around you, proud of the works you keep producing and the money you make.

Now that's just the main instruction section of the
e-Sourcebook - yep, there's more...

"But that's not all:
5 bonuses to
keep you rolling"

I know how it is getting a great big huge data dump: it can be overwhelming. Even though you can go straight through the book one lesson at a time, sometimes it's easier to absorb the lessons when you see the concepts in use, when you get familiarized with the vocabulary, when you recapture that same enthusiasm you felt when you first signed up. How do you do that? We do it with...


Bonus # 1:
"The Number One Most Appreciated
Feature Of The Entire Program"

Support in the form of little nudges:
these are the key to your success

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The number one comment subscribers have made over the last 5 years is this: the one thing that helps them learn to draw, the one main thing that keeps them excited about picking up their drawing pencils, the one thing that keeps them connected to their aspiration of becoming an artist are the e-zines (these are the Communiqué and the Monthly Caricature & Explanation). And the soothing thought that they can ask questions of, and access the author (me) directly by email if they get in a jam.


"The ongoing follow-up of the System is like having Your very own "Cyber-Coach"

And as your personal Cyber-Coach, you'll be hearing from me one to two times a month. I won't be standing there with a whip and chain (well who knows, maybe I will be :-), but my job is to keep you going, keep you excited about drawing and doing your self-paced lessons. Every few weeks you'll get more of those little nudges urging you on. Why all the fuss? Here's a great anonymous quote :

"Genius is at first an openness to discipline"

All art starts as a discipline. Like any art, learning to draw caricatures, faces, or just learning to draw, well it's a discipline - it takes practice. I won't gloss over that. You have to face yourself every time you sit down in front of a blank sheet of paper. That's why we include as part of the purchase price these instruments of your success: Once or twice a month nudges for one year - to keep you excited and laughing about drawing. Two alternating electronic magazines:

  • First - To cue your brain into what makes a caricature tick: one year subscription to the "Once a Month Caricature" e-zines;

  • Second - To keep you motivated and interested: one year subscription to the "Insider's Artist Loft Once a Month Communiqué" - a learning forum for all subscribers;

Note: After almost 10 years, the electronic newsletters are now discontinued

But you still have access to ALL past issues both within
the book and online -- as of June 2007

What we will add in exchange for your interest and enthusiasm
is permanent access to the online book
(must maintain proof of purchase)

Click here to see the most recent issues

How many books or programs have you bought and then just let them sit there? The electronic magazines (e-zines) serve as entertaining reminders - little nudges - to keep you motivated and excited about drawing. This is the number one most often cited feature of the program that people really appreciate.

Little by little you'll find yourself acquiring the language and techniques of artists; you'll expand your artistic knowledge and that will raise your comfort level; you'll be exposed to other great artists, to other caricature and drawing sites. An aid to keep the flood gates of your imagination and inspiration flowing so you can realize confidently your artistic potential and experience first hand the fulfillment learning an art can bring.

Note: once you get your foot in the door, you won't need discipline. Your progress and the sheer satisfaction of drawing and creating will bring you back to the drawing table time and time again. Click on this next button to learn more about the e-magazines:


Bonus #2:
"Exclusive access to the
Password-Protected site"

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So you won't miss out on anything - included in your purchase price. Since this is an ongoing, ever-growing program, with new tips and tricks, new Flash Lessons, caricatures, and information being added all the time, the on-line site is the home for finding any e-zines you missed, erased, or want to find again - so you'll get everything out of this program you paid for. (Note: If you're with Hotmail, AOL, or any large subscriber e-mail service, e-zines can get blocked - if that happens, this is where you can find them.)

Bonus #3:
The Communiqué Library
(The "Archives")
Nearly 10 years of
past e-magazines

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All those "nudges" we talked about above, well they're the foundation for a book in itself, Over 170 issues from the last 10 years - well over 350 (and counting) pages of information if you printed them all out (that's 350 pages in addition to the 800+ in the 3-part main volume). Those same every-other-week nudges covering the gamut of drawing and caricaturing. Topics spanning from:

  • In-depth shadow studies;
  • Specialized "feature-by-feature" in-depth fly-outs;"
  • Marketing 101" - things like developing your "USP": how to mine like gold what makes your art or art-related business unique - to help you power-up your growing skill and turn it into a whole new source of income;
  • Example after example of the main lessons broken down even more;
  • Members art work and evaluations

Bonus #4:
Royalty-free Caricature

ART Gallery

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As an added bonus all caricatures you receive by email and all caricatures stored in the on-line "Insider's Art Gallery" and and "e-Magazine Archives" are for you to use Royalty-free. They're there as a learning aid.

The Insider's Art Gallery is a reference filled with examples of caricatures - crosshatched, pencil, ink, and dozens in very high detail so you can see how these were made. You can see the pencil outline, the layer on top of layer of crosshatching. You can see how piece by piece, section by section, feature by feature, these were drawn. So what "seems" overly complex, you'll now see as duplicable and masterable - and maybe they'll even inspire you to realize your own awesome idling potential.

And while you're getting your own portrait and caricature drawing skill up to speed, you can use the drawings any way you like - in your small business advertisements, your newsletters, your personal cards and letters. I don't care! (All I ask is you follow the simple, very generous, no-cost rules outlined in the Insider's Art Gallery.)

And one more final bonus
Bonus #5
but I'll get to that in just a second...

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So big - how do you get around?

  • Fully interlinked - to get you around fast
  • Open multiple copies at the same time - to immerse yourself, to flood yourself with the lesson at hand
  • Built-in search function - have your questions answered once and for all - burned into your brain.

Yep there's a lot of info there - well over 1100 pages - (the 800+ page main volume, the 350+ page Archives - and that's not even counting the literally thousands of info-packed multimedia frames within the dozen - and counting - Flash Lessons) No wasting your precious time.

All sections are fully interlinked to all the other sections of the book. Every page has a left column list of links that'll get you going to general "master link" pages instantly so you're never more than one or two clicks from the section you want to get going to. You'll find links embedded within the text - right at your fingertips to access any section. No need to spend your precious time paging through an entire monster book to find some obscure point.

Built-in Search function. If you're looking up a really obscure point, you can search the word or topic you're looking for in the built-in search engine and instantly find all pages and sections related to your topic of interest.

Maximize your learning and study sessions - open multiple copies at the same time - Want to review what's cooking in a Flash lesson on the picture plane while you review "Sighting and Proportion" and work your way through "Noses"? No problem: open one book to "Noses", open another to "Proportion" and tie it all together by opening the "Flash Picture Plane" lesson. Have your questions answered once and for all - burned into your brain.

How many copies can you open? You can open as many copies as your computer's memory will allow - open 2,3,4 copies of the book to different sections so you can immerse yourself, barrage yourself with the concept at hand, get your questions answered - this is "CAT-Scan" like immersion - you can see the topic at hand from every possible angle. ( To Order Now, Click Here ) (back to top)

One more time, here's what you get:
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Let's review everything: 125+ megabytes of information:

  • The 800-plus page three-part e-Sourcebook (The 15 lesson, 3-part main volume) available in an instant 124 megabyte download and on CD-ROM
  • 15 Flash Interactive lessons (over 10,000 frames of material),
  • Dozens of interest-captivating, whistle-whetting pre-lesson gif-animations
  • Once or twice a month info-packed issues of the two e-zines (discontinued),
  • A book in itself: Archive of all past e-zines (about 10 years)
  • email access to the author
  • the Art Gallery with over 100 royalty-free caricatures,
  • Fully interlinked,
  • Open multiple copies at the same time (like spreading multiple
    books in fornt of you to cross referance and research),
  • Built-in search function,
  • And One final bonus....
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"Final added bonus #5:
One free 20 minute coaching
phone consultation"

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-- Discontinued --

Let's get you juiced - how to use your call

Want some marketing tips? Learn how to sell your uniqueness as an artist? If you have a really pressing question and you can't find the answer in the archives, and email just isn't direct enough, or you find yourself at a road block in the lessons and need a little direction, or you think you're ready to jump into e-commerce as a caricaturist, or just want to start your own special-event caricature entertainment business, you could use your call for that.

An admired, in-demand, moneymaking caricaturist

Or if your questions center around how to get rolling, how to really nail down proportion, or how to write your or discover your "unique selling proposition" as an admired, in-demand, moneymaking caricaturist, that's what this call is for. You're allowed one prepaid 30 minute consultation during your year of membership. (Included when you buy the CD- ROM version)


Like your Monopoly "Get out of Jail Free" card

But you'll want to save this for that one really nasty, nagging drawing question, business question or challenging situation to get you re-inspired, rejuvenated, to get you rockin' again on the drawing paper, confidently cruising towards your fully tapped potential - that's what this is for. And if I can't answer your questions we'll figure out who can.

(Just to clarify, the consultation - my time - is prepaid, but the call is not toll free - i.e. it's not an 800 call, the actual phone charges go on your bill. That's fair I think - don't you? (Included when you buy the CD- ROM version)

Limited time - To do you justice and to reward your signing up early, we can offer the coaching call to a limited number of people. So don't wait too long - it will be discontinued shortly :-)

So again, here's the whole deal:

"A Virtual Swiss Army Knife Approach"
So One More Time, Here's The
Whole Deal In A Nutshell:

* Main Volume - 3-part, 800+ page, 15 lesson, one stop monster book covering from the.very basics of drawing all the way up to drawing caricatures giant e-book;
* One dozen - Fifteen Flash Interactive Lessons
* Bonus #1 - 10 years of info-packed electronic magazines archived on the CD and on-line;
* Bonus #2 - Royalty-free Caricature Gallery;
* Bonus #3 - Instant-Access, exclusive entry, password access (the moment you sign up) to the Online book forever;
* Bonus #4


- One year subscription to electronic magazines;

(Discontinued - possible they'll be restarted on an occasional basis -- but you have access to ALL previous e-zines )

* Bonus #5(Discontinued)

- Permanent back-up CD ready to install on your computer available (both offers now include the instant as-soon-as-you-sign-up 124 megabyte download)

(Discontinued at this time - this WILL be coming back and if you buy the downloadable version, we'll make sure you get credited if you want the CD-ROM)

* Bonus #7

-Your 20 minute phone consultation; (soon to be discontinued - Included when you buy the CD- ROM version)




We'll spoon feed you from start to finish everything you need to know about the foundations of drawing, about drawing the face and the head - skills you can extend to drawing absolutely anything you want. Written by a certified "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" instructor.

(Apology to Macintosh users, if you're on a Mac you can still access the online lessons / e-Sourcebook and receive all issues of the electronic magazine and caricatures. Everything in the offer is the same - however the downloadable version and the CD-ROM version will not work on the Macintosh - it's formatted for Windows only right now. Sorry about that. We're working on an Acrobat version that'll work on all platforms.)

To Order Now, Click Here

So How Much?
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When we originally conceived of this program, we wanted to eventually charge $69 for it. People told us that would be a pretty good deal. We've just completed an interest survey and we've discovered that a large percentage of people (over 25%) were very willing to pay $45 or more American for the entire program - (and people have paid this - before 9/11 that's what we were charging). Two percent of those who responded thought it was worth $180 or more. Very flattering. Over 50% of respondents said they'd pay up to 45 dollars. (But technology is going crazy out there [YouTube, myspace, etc.] and we're adjusting to the times.

I want to see you learn to draw and I want to see you develop your inborn talents - the world's just plain a better place when you're doing that. But I also think if you're sincerely satisfied with what you receive from us you'll buy from us again in the future. And that's an extra I get out of this: your returning business.

"PS you probably already know the value of your lessons but I and my family and friends are amazed and I am hoping that some of them will subscribe to the program. Some of them think that I am stretching the truth about how long I have been drawing with no formal lessons. There is no way to thank you"

-Muncy Wolgast
Holiday Florida, USA

Click here

for transport to bought-and-paid-for, free download link to the whole book. Instructions at that page. Yep, I'm serious :-). 12/02/2021.
* This is a Windows based program *

"Dear Jeff, I wanted to let you know that I think your You Can Draw program is a real gift! I started it about a week ago and I'm making incredible progress. I had already enrolled in 2 other very good on-line sites with highly accomplished artists and learned quite a bit from them......

But your step-by-step guidance and L & R methods, [left and right brain methods] and the rapid progress that I made would NEVER have happened without your program. This program should be 'mandatory' in schools that teach ART! Thanks for the gift! I don't have to look any further for Art on Line! ...

...Your program is something that should be made possible to as many people as possible! (P.S. the Price is ridiculously low! just my 2 cents worth!) Thanks again for everything. Joe"

Joe Byrne


Note: It was a great run! But After almost 10 years, the
electronic newsletters

are now
discontinued But you still have access to ALL past issues both within
the book and online -- as of the last one written in June 2007

(I just plain pooped out) is the phone coaching - that is NO Phone Coaching
in this offer any longer. (It just got too crazy :-) So what do you get?

Pretty much EVERYTHING that has ever been added to
all the online sites, all e-zines, all
FLASH Lessons, all
caricatures. ..everything we've ever done (I wish we had
recorded the coaching calls!!)

What we will add in exchange for your interest and enthusiasm
is permanent access to the online book
(must maintain proof of purchase)

Click here to see the most recent issues

secure connection

Get everything you read about above: all the past newsletters, access and downloadable Flash Lessons, royalty free use of caricatures in the library (but there are still very reasonable rules to usage), all of the 800 plus pages of illustrated, information packed content, minus the CD-ROM and coaching call --again, right now (july 2011),

again, this offer does NOT include the CD-ROM nor coaching call. This is the downloaded version only.

Again, what you get for $19.95 ---- WAIT! Whoa, NOT any more, NO CHARGE! -- it's on me. (reminder: you receive instant access to the downloadable 124 megabyte version plus online access to the on-line book - forever! Just NO CD-ROM and NO coaching call. I know, I'm repeating myself but I have to make this completely clear.

Click here for transport to bought-and-paid-for, free download link to the whole book. Instructions at that page. Yep, I'm serious :-). 12/02/2021.

Why? Since the web has changed so much since I first built this, and Flash technology is obsolete, AND I just can't maintain the demands of all the Paypal updates (actually Paypal was no hassle at all), new web page additions, hackers....LOl :-). You get the idea. All I ask is you give credit where credit is due. Thanks! I'm just offering this out for the benefit of all who would like it. Watch for new posts.

For secure credit card connection: Credit card transactions are done only over PayPal's secure server so your credit card information is protected (this is what you're about to use if you're ordering on-line). If you are using Netscape, a thin blue line at the top of this window and/or blue unbroken key at the bottom indicates that any information you send is protected from unauthorized view by world-class encryption techniques. With Internet Explorer, you'll see a graphic of an unbroken key and/or gold padlock at the bottom of your browser window.



*Apology to Macintosh users, if you're on a Mac you can still access the online lessons / e-Sourcebook and receive all issues of the electronic magazine and caricatures. Everything in the offer is the same - however the downloadable version and the CD-ROM version will not work on the Macintosh - it's formatted for Windows only right now. Sorry about that. We're working on an Acrobat version that'll work on all platforms.

(*Apology to Macintosh users, if you're on a Mac you can still access the online lessons / e-Sourcebook and read all past issues of the electronic magazine and caricatures. Everything in the offer is the same - however the downloadable version and the CD-ROM version will not work on the Macintosh - it's formatted for Windows only. Sorry about that.

So folks, yes a lot has happened since we started this drawing program some 14 years ago with no idea of what the heck the Internet was about. I have to just say it again: everything you read about in the description above, all the past e-zines, the Flash Lessons, the 800 pages of illustrated text, it's all there for in one big data dump.


(*Again, apology to Macintosh users, if you're on a Mac you can still access the online lessons / e-Sourcebook and receive all issues of the electronic magazines and caricatures. Everything in the offer is the same - however neither the downloadable version nor the CD-ROM version will work on the Macintosh - it's formatted for Windows only right now. Sorry about that. We're working on an Acrobat version that'll work on all platforms.)


Guaranteed One Year - Unconditionally
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Do we have all the answers? Probably not, but we have a lot of them. And I guarantee you that if you do the lessons, follow each step, and practice faithfully (as little as 15 minutes a day 3 days a week to start will bring you results), if you do that, I guarantee you'll learn how to draw. I believe that so whole-heatedly I guarantee your purchase for one whole year. That's right, one year from the day you sign up, if you're unhappy for any reason return the CD-ROM and I'll reimburse you the entire purchase amount. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Caricaturists can make 40, 50, 60 dollars to start and it's not unusual to see seasoned caricaturists make $1500 dollars a day and more. Opinion / Editorial page (Op-Ed) cartoonists enjoy the power of shaping public opinion - plus on top of that get paid very nicely. Illustrators who specialize in faces and caricatures can ask exorbitant rates. But like I said above, drawing by itself, with no other intention than to draw is very satisfying. Even therapeutic.

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How can I be so sure you already have what it takes?

Secret Number 1:
You Have a Gift - That's Why You're Here
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And that gift is your desire to draw, your desire to learn how to draw faces and caricatures - even if you've never drawn before. And your desire to draw might be calling you to get so good, so polished you'll make art with a capital "A" like Picasso, or Rembrandt. Or it fires you up to create the caricature masterpieces you see in magazines and in major newspaper editorial pages.

Or maybe you're inspired to be one of those zany self-employed maverick party caricaturist you see making some very real money drawing caricatures and portraits at parties, art fairs, and conventions (on the order of $1500 dollars a day and more for seasoned caricaturists). Or maybe you just want to learn enough to spruce up your homemade holiday cards and enjoy the pleasure plain old drawing can bring you. It doesn't matter what your final goal might be. You're here and something in you - like your slumbering gift - brought you here.

Click here to see our sister site and learn all about the basics of drawing faces and caricatures:

Secret Number 2:
There's no big secret - anybody
can learn to draw
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Yes, outrageous statement. But true. My sister Carol says: "You have got to be kidding, because I can't even make a stick-person look real!" And many people say "well my handwriting is terrible, how can I expect to do any better drawing?" That said you may be asking "and how can I ever expect to draw caricatures?"

Here's how:

  • First, you already have the skills. You have the manual dexterity - you can write, right? That's all the more manual skills you need to begin.

  • Second, drawing can be broken down into five learnable skills - none of which have anything to do with making marks on paper and all of which have to do with how you use your brain,

  • Third, you already have a history as an artist,

  • Fourth, by building on and applying four very learnable skills drawing the head and face can without a doubt be learned,

  • Fifth, We've already touched on this one: it's your desire to learn to draw. And that'll transform itself into the "yehaa" spirit you need to really cut loose drawing caricatures.
  • Want to read more? click the this bar:

    Secret Number 3:
    Learning to draw is about
    learning to see

    (Back to top)

    Learning to draw is about learning to retrain your brain. It's about learning to use what have been called "right-brain" skills, not by accident but at will, by your design and fully in your control.

    To learn to draw, you need to get out of your mind - out of your left brain to be exact. Here's good news: you use these skills everyday and don't even know it. In fact you're already an expert at this...

    Whether you're aware of it or not - you're an old pro at getting into your right-brain hemisphere. Some simple examples?

    Walking is a right hemisphere evoking function - just like shooting baskets or balancing on a tightrope are. Parallel parking your car is another example.

    Prince Charles

    And it turns out drawing and recognizing faces are two of the few activities that are purely "Right-Brained". What better way to develop the right half of your brain than by drawing faces and caricatures - by using two of it's foremost and native skills?


    Secret number 4:
    There are five and only five skills of
    perception used in drawing

    (Back to top)

    Drawing can be broken down into five skills, and none have to do with your ability to make marks on the paper - all have to do do with your ability to see the world. And this is the best news of all - because anybody can get good at these five skills! What are these five skills? Click on button to see more:

    Secret number 5:
    You already have a history as an artist

    (Back to top)

    Before age 12 you were brimming with creativity and you were most assuredly drawing up a storm until you had one enigmatic, life-changing set of events in your life. Click to read more:

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    Secret Number 6:
    You could learn all the skills in as little as 5 days -
    and pay a whole lot more than you'll pay here
    ( To Order Now, Click Here )
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    As I mentioned above there's an intense 5-day drawing program offered regularly where people with only the desire and little more than stick-figure drawing ability learn to draw amazing recognizable portraits - in 5 days. You read that right: from stick figures to portraits in 5 days. Here's the catch: this program costs over one thousand dollars not counting hotel, transportation, and meals.

    It requires you to sit in a classroom and draw eight to ten hours a day. But this class proves it over and over again: drawing is a rapidly learnable skill. (You can e-mail us about that program if you want to find out more.)

    You don't have to pay $1000.00, or $500.00 or even $100.00. But you'll still learn the same foundation skills people have paid as much as a thousand dollars to learn.

    Secret Number 7:
    You can get started today - literally in the next 5 minutes

    ( To Order Now, Click Here )
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    So, for $29.95 (plus shipping & handling), you'll get one year access to the Insider's Artist Loft as well as this entire list of features:

    • In a matter of moments you could be in to your first lesson: You get instant password access to the Insider's Artist Loft - where everything - all caricatures, all updates, the 800 page electronic Sourcebook with over 1800 illustrations and dozens of animations are stored, 12 - and counting - Flash Interactive Lessons.

      Divided into three sections, it contains the foundations of drawing lessons, the middle book on features of the face and shapes of the head, and lastly the growing in-depth caricature drawing section - even a small bookstore are maintained. You could be taking your first lesson literally seconds from now;

    Janet Jackson
    • Contains the Communiqué Archives and the Insider's Art Gallery.You also have the option to download an older version, much smaller version Electronic Portrait and Caricature Lesson Sourcebook to give you something to whet your whistle on while you wait for the CD-ROM to come in the mail. The book (an older and much smaller version of what is on the CD-ROM that's included in this offer) contains thirteen megabytes of information, (expect 60 to 75 minutes to download on a 28.8 modem; DSL, T1 or T3 can expect maybe 2- 8 minutes; but not to worry, even if you don't use this option, you'll be receiving the 77 megabyte e-Sourcebook CD-ROM with everything in a few days);

      (Add $2.95 shipping and handling for shipping in North America and 5.95 anywhere else in the world; expect 7-14 days for delivery - usually faster, longer outside the USA.)

    Caricature Drawing System


     Quick Review - here's what you've learned:

    1) An interest or a long-standing desire very often means there's a God-given gift hid right behind it, dying to be appreciated;

    2) You've seen - probably to your disbelief - there's really nothing too difficult about learning to draw - any one can learn how, that the difference between you and accomplished artists is that they've gotten good at getting into their "right" brain;

    3) That all drawing can be broken into five skills;

    4) That you already have a history as an artist;

    5) You're already an expert at getting into your right brain - you use it all the time;
    6) You don't have to spend 1000 , 500, or even 100 dollars to get started towards your goal, and...7) You can get started in literally five minutes and improve your drawing after the first lesson.

    ( To Order Now, Click Here )
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    What we do is show you from start to finish the tricks and techniques artists use to get their minds in the drawing mode: into the "Artist's Mind". We show you piece by little piece in a jam packed 800+ page electronic book, with weekly e-zines, a cache of royalty-free caricatures, and your own "Cyber-Coach" (a certified "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" instructor and published caricaturist), how to draw faces and caricatures from scratch - even if you've never drawn before.

    Kasbohm & Company's

    1351 Hampshire Ave. S., #127
    St Louis Park, MN, 55435


    Copyright 1997-2004
    All Rights Reserved